Clash of Clans Tricks

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Like many of the most current games, Clash of Clans has many tricks like clash of clans cheats 2015, that are not known to majority of players. Below we indicate a number of tips, tricks for Clash of Clans and no doubt will make the game much relaxed. If you have played online games, you’ll know that one of the most demanding moments comes when you have to rearrange your camps. The game is very easy for play, attacking and guarding is simple, but more important is the strategy and specially endurance, but most fantastic and funny aspect of the game is that you will meet people from different clans belonging to other countries like Colombia, Spain, Chile, United States and others.You have to know what are the most important structures and strategies of defense and attack in the game.

Early in the game you will have a shield for 3 days to protect your town from attack. The first 2 days, focus on getting gold and elixir, so build and improve all the gold mines and elixir extractors to at least Level 5 or 6. Be sure to also improve gold and elixir storages not to waste resources, and build a second warehouse. The third day you will need to begin to build and improve your defenses. Be sure to build and upgrade cannons and mortars at least at level 2. Commit yourself to removal of objects such as trees, stones or flowers. There are people who try to hack or exploit the game in order to get free gems, but Supercell are relatively generous in that respect. They reward you with gems by clearing obstacles in the game!Another easy way to get gems in the game is to get gems in clan tournaments.

Remember, there are people who have stopped playing Clash of Clans, but their villages are still online. Sometimes your enemy wll swept your entire village, but itcan also give great opportunities. When you check the list of users who attacked your village, you have the option to strike back with “Revenge” option. Revenge gives you a very good strategic advantage as you can see the village of your enemy and plan your attack. Heroes are among the most powerful forces in the game, you just have to train them once since they are immortal, but they must first regenerate to fight back again.
There are much more tips and tricks in Clash of Clans, but we will leave few of them for our next article :-)!

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The Magic of Hashtags

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Do you use hashtags on Instagram? If you are not using hashtags, it is right time to start, because it us the best way to increase a number of followers and likes on Instagram. We are bringing you some of the best hashtag related tips, like free followers on instagram 2015!

Share an inspirational quote

The quotes are a great way to get traction and interaction of visual content, and also work on yourInstagram and other social channels. Use tools to create image such as Canva image quality quotes to share. Here are some hashtags to use with them: #instaquote: Use this hashtag with quote messages. Also look through other messages marked to boost its commitment to customers and to share something interesting with other users. #quoteoftheday: If you use #quoteoftheday or #qotd, you can get some traction with other Instagram users. Consider creating an editorial calendar and plan together to share all week using this hashtag. Dating actions of authors and industry leaders, or Quotes reflecting your brand are usually good choices.

Tell people what you are doing now!

To tell people what you are doing now is a great way to make your mind fresh and inspiring for Instagram users. In addition, the balance of business with fun is a great way to build a following in Instagram. Try these hashtags: #amreading: Are you reading an interesting book about your industry? Or the latest bestseller by Stephen King? Share with your audience to spark conversation and make new connections. #amwriting: Whether you’re an author or just write a blog, #amwriting is a great label for use. It also helps to foster interest for their next post. #WIDN (What I’m doing now) Showing your audience the real you add personality to your brand. Use this hashtag to share what you’re doing right now, like taking a break, yoga, drink chai tea at your desk or walking around the local park.

Drive traffic to your blog

Use the following hashtags to promote a new blog post or Instagram show your audience that you are working in: #blogging: While you are writing a new blog post, take a picture of your computer and keyboard, add a Instagram filter and share the image using the hashtag. The blogger Veryberrylottie uses the hashtag #blogging that his followers know about your latest recipes. She uses a call to action asking them to click on your blog though. #newblogpost: Once you have published a new blog post, share your image appears on Instagram and add this hashtag. Direct link to your biography, and you begin to drive traffic to your blog .

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New features in Fifa 16

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Fifa 16 brought many new features that are very much different then those implemented in Fifa 15. We will describe major changes made in Fifa 16, fifa 16 coin generator!
Dribbling without touching the ball is a feature of the game inspired by the motion capture performed to Lionel Messi, revolutionizing the way players can now attack in the game.

Dynamic centers in FIFA 16 has changed the way of reacting both the player taking the center as partners in the area to receive it. Attack efficiency is giving multiple options for the finishing like a pro. The improved dynamic trajectory and ball speed are making the experience score even more exciting. Regardless of the skills of each player, all fans will be able to compete at the highest level using EA SPORTS FIFA Trainer, a pioneer training system that uses the context of the game to provide the player choices. For the first time in franchise history, the game have 12 Women’s National Team (Australia, Spain, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, China, England, Mexico, United States and the Sweden) who represent their respective federations in various game modes. To try to achieve this, it is then pushed a lot animations, physical contrasts, the touch of the ball and on the management of the organization. Speaking in absolutist terms, we can safely say that the work is definitely good, but with enough space for additional improvements. To make it more tactical game now include ability to get up immediately after a duel at the push of a button; pity though that this choice has further highlighted the tackle in long slips and make it unreal. This is definitely something that deserves to be calibrated with greater attention in the near future. However the main problem of FIFA 16 is probably the action in midfield.

A rhythm and a general speed tends to decrease compared to last year edition, especially if you play with low quality teams.Last year we witness probably the first true setback in the series sporting license plate EA Sports. FIFA 15, despite various corrective patches, not fully convinced critics and audiences, casting some doubts and fear about the fans. After one year EA Sports returns to the public with this FIFA 16, and with the desire to prove that they have not lost the desire and had brought the number to soar among the best football titles.

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Scarface – finally on Playstation 4

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Game Scarface, made upon famous movie Scarface with Al Pacino is finally available for Playstation 4 consoles. It is a good action game, so get free psn codes instantly, taking many elements of Grand Theft Auto 3 and the various clones from recent years, and it manages to introduce some different characteristics. The shooting system with rage meter and is executed really well, while the overall game design requires more polishing. The weak point of the game are the missions, some of them are not as varied and fun as we expected. Still it’s a good game, especially recommended for fans of the film and GTA fans.

As mentioned, the game focuses particularly on three facets of the districts. The part of drug trafficking is not mandatory, and involves talking and negotiating for a given money. The result of the negotiations will depend on your ability in a simple minigame to fill an energy bar. You must be careful not to go too far or negotiations will fail. We also have to defend camels, and establish connections with them to integrate into our business.

Getting money in the game is not as simple as it seems. The money you can get from the sale of drugs have to be legalized, you will need to go to a bank and pay an amount to have it regulated. As in many other scenes of the game, to achieve this you will have to go through the mini games. These meters are virtually everywhere in the game and many situations, are used not only to negotiate, also to intimidate, and even to get rid of the police. Learning to use it is vital, and the integration of this system gives more meaning to the game: instead of having to press only one button, there is some reward for our ability. A percentage of the negotiations will also depend on the relationship with both Tony with the police and with other bands; as you can see, the game is simple to play but there are many factors that influence gameplay.

Another interesting aspect that puts it in the standard clone, apart from the already mentioned “strategic touch” is the way to deal with the police. First, in the game you can not shoot innocent, following the strict ethics of Tony Montana. But, if run over people and get into trouble, police chase meter will fill up, and once it is full police is displayed. When police arrive, you can negotiate with them, but if you fail you will have only escape option.

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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Chemistry and Hybrid Teams

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As mentioned, in FIFA 16 the concept of Chemistry is extremely important and can give something extra to the actions of a team. It is important as FIFA 16 Coin Generator Online to point that it is preferable to choose a player of good quality compared to a world-class only to this aspect, since poor Chemistry can ruin entire seasons or tournaments.Experienced players tend to think they can make up this aspect by using very strong players, but the development team has worked hard to make sure that neglecting Chemistry does not lead to anything good. That said, let’s explain how the Chemistry affect your players to become better. Chemistry is based on many elements. First of all it is necessary to put players in their preferred positions: sometimes you might be tempted to move, but it is a bad idea.

The main factors that determine the Chemistry are: the country of origin of a player, his current team and the league in which he or she plays. It is good to build team based on the factors of the best player, for example, acquiring a golden player fromPremier League, you should add more players from the same league. Things however do not always go as planned, but you can get an Chemistry of good teams through hybrid.A hybrid team is a group of players from different regions of the world, but with enough elements in common to generate very high Chemistry. One of the easiest ways to assemble a team of this type is to divide the field into two parts, each covered by players who have in common a good chemistry. Not a simple task, and requires a lot of research and adjustments, but its benefits are undeniable.

It also serves a trick: divide the field into two, the part that acts as a link will be covered by players with good Chemistry with both. For example, if the left wing is made up of players from the Bundesliga and La Liga from the right, to the center of the field you will have to find the athletes who have common ties with both of these championships. A player like Xabi Alonso, a Spanish national, but playing in the Bundesliga, is the perfect link.

A common misconception in this regard is that all connections between nearby players should be green or yellow for perfect Chemistry, but that is within the reach even with the red links, provided that every player is at least a green link with a nearby location. After assembling a team with excellent chemistry, you are ready to go!

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Dragon Quest Heroes Xbox Review

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Dragon Quest Heroes is a neat game, available with xbox live gold membership,  technically exquisite, with a fluidity considerably stronger than it was case in previous version of the game, and the character design of the Bird Study that comes to life with a countless polygonal models which, painted with satisfactory texture, perfectly replicate the iconic bestiary of Dragon Quest. Not only that, the boundary with the complete works of Yuji Hori is the pass to evolve a pattern of play that made this title so popular.

In the kingdom of Arba humans and monsters live together in harmony, as in the beautiful introduction movie. Of course, everything goes to hell in a second, and something makes golems andsimilar monsters angry, forcing the royal guards Luceus and Aurora to fight and fall back to the throne room. To be a crossover that brings up the characters of Dragon Quest Heroes, game initially puts the emphasis on original characters, asking the player to entitle a character between the two guards, slowly introducing new faces. It is a lovely group, stereotypical, but united by good chemistry: Luceus is talkative, the exact opposite to Aurora, while muscular King Doric is another type of character.

Team spirit is the basis of the experience, but Dragon Quest Heroes are more challenging than usual, at least initially. This is not for those heroes who clean up a map with his hands behind his back by pressing random keys of the pad. If you take lightly the dragon at the end of the first level, it  will roast three-quarters of your energy with a single flame; same thing for the three archers robot in arena, able to kill more than a character with a single laser beam.

Here comes the strategy: hit them with lightning and collapse them to the ground, when they are vulnerable to an attack by the group; likewise, lead characters in battle with healing abilities or protective skills that will help you to focus more on the offensive. These are the foundations of any RPG, but such gameplay is absolutely necessary in Dragon Quest Heroes. The keystone is the indicator of mana, which use magic attack and support, a resource capable of making a difference in the battles. This is not a resource to be used repeatedly, but  in short, desperate situations. Dragon Quest Heroes is a solid RPG game that will give you, just what you expected from a title of the game, casual and relaxed RPG experience,

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Did you ever seen Valkyries in the game?

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  It is true that some units are more used in the Clash of Clans then other units, some are even so common that it is almost annoying to see  Barbarians, Archers and Giants in almost every battle! I mean every battle! Did you ever, ever seen Valkyrie in Clash of Clan? Well. I did!

Valkyrie is not so useless unit as you may think! I know that you are laughing right now, but let me make my point! Yeah, I know Valkyrie is high level unit and they are not cheap in did, in fact you will need 8 supply unit for the production. If you need more resources for production Clash of Clans Gemmes Illimité is a good solution. You may say that production time ia also very large, who will waith 15 minutes for just one unit to be produced! It is just too, I mean too long! Speed is ok, she has 24 tiles of speed, so only annoying Barbarians are slightly faster then Valkyrie! About targeting and damage units, you may say that Valkyrie does damage only to ground units, and you are right! It is true, Valkyrie can tarhet and attack only ground units, and what is best part of all – she is dealing splash damage! Yeap, that is my point! Splash damage means that she will attack more units at once and that is significant, In my opinion good place for Valkyrie is definitely inside Clan Castle, it is almost perfect unit  for that place.

I’ve made combo of one Valkyrie to get ground splash damage and one Dragon, it seems that this combination of huge ground/air unit in Clan Castle is a win/win combination. So, if you are thinking about good and solid troops to be placed in Clan Castle try one Dragon and one Valkyrie!But, the main question is still without answer – can Valkyrie be used on open battlefield. Well, I’ve made few experiments and here are my final results – yest she can, but she definitely need a support of other units. I’ve even tried to create solo Valkyrie army, but it is not very useful, it will be destroyed in no time.

Best combination that I found so far is a combination of Valkyrie, with additional support from Barbarians and Healers. Healers are vital to this formation, simply vecause Valkyrie has high health pool, and Healers are perfect to heal them during battle. You can increase DPS by adding Rage Spell in yout hotbar, it will make Valkyrie much more effective and with proper timing they can be quite effective unit in Clash of Clans.

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