Gaming tournaments, or eSports as they are called, could be consider the Olympics of the modern world. There, people who consider themselves to be great at playing video games could compete for enormous sums of money; in fact, some of these sums could be compared to top tennis or golfing tournaments. And to prove to you how much money you can actually make if you’re good at gaming, we will give you the list of the top five gaming tournaments sorted by the overall prize size. So, let’s get it going.

Gaming tournament

1 – The International 2014

This video game tournament is considered to be the biggest one in the world, and is played in Seattle, Washington. The game that is played on this tournament is Dota 2, and the overall prize money amounts to staggering 10,931,103 US Dollars! This event took place in Key Arena in Seattle, on July 18, and lasted until July 21. The initial prize was going to be set at 1.6 million US Dollars, but over time, it grew to over 10 million!

2 – DAC 2015

DAC 2015 stands for Dota 2 Asian Championsip, and it was held in Shanghai, China. This event took place in January and February of 2015, and as the name suggests, the game that was played was Dota 2. The overall prize money on this tournament was enormous – 3,057,521 US Dollars, which makes it the second tournament with the highest overall prize money ever.

3 – The International 2013

This championship, like the previous two, was also a test in gaming qualities of Dota 2 video game. It was opened in the Benaroya Hall in Seattle, Washington on August 7, and the championship was ended on August 11. The overall prize money was as high as 2,874,407 US Dollars, which makes it the third tournament with the highest overall prize money, and interestingly enough, all three of them were Dota 2 tournaments.

4 – Smite World Championship 2014

This gaming tournament was held in Atlanta, Georgia, and the game in question was Smite, and the very name of the tournament suggests. The overall prize money was 2,612,156 US Dollars, for which 8 teams competed, and the overall number of players involved stood at 40.

5 – LoL 2014 World Championship

This League of Legends World Championship was held in multiple countries, including Taipei and Singapore, where the group stage was held; Busan, South Korea, where the quarterfinals was held; and Seoul, South Korea, where the half finals and the finals were played. This championship lasted from September 18 to October 19, 2014, and the overall prize money amounted to 2,130,000 US Dollars, which is the highest prize for any League of Legends tournament ever! Sixteen teams competed for this prize.

Gaming tournament

As we have seen, gaming can bring you some money, do not let people tell you that playing video games is just a waste of money. However, like the professional athletes, you need to practice and believe in yourself all the time, and most importantly – never give up.